If you want to sell your home fast, you may be frustrated if your home ends up sitting on the market without any offers. Many homeowners take it personally when the home they are proud of doesn’t want to move. If your house isn’t selling, focus on what you can control to move things in the right direction.

Real estate agent giving house key to couple at table in an office.

The Price May Be Too High

Pricing a home is tricky when you want to sell your house fast. There are many ways to determine the fair market value of your home, but many homeowners need to resist the temptation to overprice. It’s an understandable instinct, and many homeowners want to believe their home is worth more. However, let your agent – and the surrounding market –  be your guide. If your home is priced higher than comparable properties and they are selling while yours isn’t, price is probably the issue. Your agent wants to price your home to sell within the first thirty days. If your price is too ambitious, a good agent should let you know. Many agents will suggest dropping your price before the three-week mark, and the advice is to make the price drop a noticeable one.

Your Home Needs Better Staging or Photos

Staging matters. No question. If a buyer can see the “you” in the home, they won’t picture themselves living there. Unstaged homes often feel dark, cluttered, and small. Many buyers have trouble seeing past even minor cosmetic issues. Consider hiring a professional stager to help you show your home at its absolute best. Make little upgrades, paint, do a thorough cleaning, and do a brutal decluttering. This simple investment can bring a huge return. Well-staged homes not only sell faster, but they sell high.

While it may seem like a money saver, taking your own listing photos, even if you opt for a better camera over a smartphone, is not a smart idea. Hire a professional to take your listing photos. A professional is more than someone with a camera. A real estate photographer understands the lighting and angles to show your home in the best possible way. When your listing photos make your home look good, more potential buyers will want to come see it.

You Need to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

If your home gives them the impression of a “fixer upper”, you may not be attracting as many buyers as you hope. Even if the inside of your home is updated and beautiful, the outside can turn buyers off before they even walk through the front door. Something as simple as investing in a clean-up of your landscaping can make a big difference. A well-mulched front bed with flowers gives a much better impression than overgrown shrubs. If anything outside your entrance is broken, make sure it gets fixed right away. A professional landscaper can help you stage the outside of your home to make your yard look its best.

You Need to Listen to the Right Feedback

An unsuccessful showing won’t get you a sale, but it can get you feedback. Your agent needs to find out why potential buyers aren’t making an offer. If several potential buyers give you the same problems, it’s time to mitigate it. You can update your staging to fix certain issues, such as buyers feeling the home is too dark, too small, or too cluttered. Certain elements don’t have easy fixes. Maybe your potential buyers have concerns about the neighborhood, the traffic on your street, or the age of the house. In these cases, you may need to adjust your expectations and lower your price. A lower price can help potential buyers overlook those issues in the name of getting a good buy. However, you need to make sure the advice you are getting is good. If you trust your agent, listen to the feedback and their suggestions, but that doesn’t mean you need to listen to every potential buyer’s complaint.

How to Sell Your Home Fast

To sell your home fast, make sure that you have done everything within your control to set yourself up for success. Find an agent you trust, and then trust their advice. Increase your curb appeal, stage and photograph your home well, and make the price competitive.

While there are certain obstacles that may be more difficult to overcome, focusing on what you can do can get you feeling more positive about your selling prospects. Rather than thinking about why buyers don’t want your home, think about what else you can do to entice them, and the right buyer will be able to see themselves living there. We are experts in pricing homes in this area and market, and we can help you sell your home fast. Contact Amberwood Real Estate today to learn more about how we can get your house sold quickly for a great and fair price.