Timing is everything in real estate. While real estate markets can fluctuate throughout the year due to a number of factors, there is still some wisdom in choosing the right time of year to sell your home. The busiest months of the year are still in the spring and summer, while the slowest are in the fall and winter.

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Spring and Summer are Considered the Best

Spring and summer are the peak times to sell your home fast. Many homebuyers with families will want to be settled into their new home in plenty of time for the new school year, so they will begin the process in April to ensure they have enough time to complete the purchase and move in.

The other reason spring and summer are the peak home buying months is that the weather is better, the days are longer, and buyers are motivated to get out and look at homes. When flowers are in full bloom, landscaping work you’ve done will boost the curb appeal and make your home very appealing to potential buyers.

Why Fall and Winter Have a Bad Reputation

By September, most families with school age children will be settled for the school year and the market begins to decline. By October, the holiday season is approaching and homebuying will likely go on the back burner, with December coming out as the slowest month for home sales. As the winter months go on, many buyers are less motivated.

However, since there are buyers who may need to relocate in fall and winter, such as for job relocation, you can still be successful in selling your home fast, since you will have the advantage of a less competitive market. To sell your home fast during the colder months, stage your home accordingly with a cozy atmosphere. Keep your home warm and brightly lit and add seasonal but non-personal touches so buyers can picture themselves living there. Although your landscaping may not shine, make sure to keep everything outside neat and well-maintained. It may even help to have some photos available of your home during the summer.

Talk with Your Realtor to Find the Best Timing to Sell Your Home Fast

The best thing you can do to sell your home fast is work with your realtor on the timing. If you have any prep work to do before listing your home (such as repairs, updates, decluttering, and staging) your realtor can help you time those projects so your home is ready to sell when the market is right. One thing you should also discuss with your realtor is your buying needs. Remember, if you are selling your home, you are most likely buying a home as well, so when you sell high, you buy high. Having a realtor you can trust to guide you through the process and find the best timing is the best way to handle this busy time in your life.

Working closely with a realtor who understands the market trends is the best way to sell your home fast, no matter what the season. The best time to sell your home depends on your personal situation and when you are ready to sell. Contact Amberwood Real Estate today to start planning for your home to sell.