Group of real estate agents having a meeting.

Selling your home takes a lot of work. Some homeowners who are looking to save some money may consider selling their homes without an agent. While this is certainly possible, there are clear benefits of using a real estate agent that can actually save you time and money. Real estate agents bring a great deal of value to the table when you are selling your house.

Access and Information

A real estate agent has access to resources you don’t have. If you want your home seen by buyers, getting into the MLS (multiple listing service) is crucial, and you must be a licensed realtor to list a home on MLS. So if you want your home on there, you’ll pay a broker to have access, cutting into the savings from not using a real estate agent to begin with. Real estate agents have a large network of clients and agents to tap into and are often able to reach out to potential buyers without waiting for those buyers to stumble across your home online.

Real estate agents also have all the information on housing codes, zoning requirements, and all the professionals you’ll need to get the sale done most efficiently. They know who to call for every piece of the process, and this is information you don’t have if home sales isn’t your full time job.

Understanding the Market

One of the benefits of using a real estate agent is that they understand the local home market. They work with buyers as well as sellers, so they have access to who is looking and what they are looking for, and they can advise you accordingly. Pricing your home appropriately is a key component of what a real estate agent can do for you. Price your home too high and your home will sit on the market because you aren’t attracting the right buyers. Too low and you won’t get the full value of your home. Agents have access to comparable home sales and neighborhood information that is much more thorough than any information you can pull off the internet.

Other Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

When you don’t use an agent, you’ll take on the enormous job of coordinating the sale, from start to finish. Choosing to sell your home without a real estate agent means that you are responsible for staging, photographing, and listing the home (for a fee). You’ll host the open houses. You’ll arrange showings for potential buyers, and if that buyer uses an agent, you’ll likely pay their 3% commission. You’ll deal with the negotiation, contracts, inspections, and legal work.

A real estate agent understands all this. One of the huge benefits of using a real estate agent is that you are able to rely on their expertise. They understand how to stage, photograph, and list a home on MLS to get it in front of as many motivated potential buyers as possible. They’ll give up their evenings and weekends to arrange showings and open houses. And when you do get an offer, their knowledge of the entire process really comes in handy as they guide you through to closing the sale.

Even when factoring in the commission you’ll pay, using a real estate agent will typically save you time and money, and get your home sold faster than you can on your own. Looking to list your home? We can help! Contact our office today to speak with a knowledgeable, local agent about how to get started.