Buying a new home can be complicated, but in the age of easy online searches at our fingertips, some homebuyers wonder if they can forgo using a buyer’s agent and just go through the process themselves. Although having a buyer’s agent isn’t a requirement, the benefits are so great that it seems like a big mistake not to. Home buying can be complicated, and having an agent to guide you through the process, help you avoid mistakes, and look out for your best interests is a smart decision.

Smiling real estate agent talking with an older couple over paperwork to buy a home.

Using a Buyer’s Agent is a Free Service for You

Having a buyer’s agent is almost always a free service. The agent will be paid a portion of the commission from the seller of the home you ultimately purchase. The only time where you will need to pay an agent is when you buy a FSBO (for sale by owner) home with a seller who will not pay a commission to a buyer’s agent. This situation is extremely rare. When you have someone working for your best interests at no cost to you, it makes sense.

A Buyer’s Agent Has Inside Knowledge

Yes, you can find homes on the internet. But a buyer’s agent has far more actual knowledge of the homes than you will. These agents are looking at many more houses than you will and they know the red flags to avoid. Walking through a home with an agent who is looking out for you can help you avoid problems you may not notice, such as foundation issues, potential for pests, the age of components, and more. In addition, a buyer’s agent may have advance notice of properties coming on the market and can get you a showing quickly. By the time the listing hits the internet pages you look at, it may have already been shown and have a pending offer. A buyer’s agent can leverage their contacts to get you a home you may not even realize was out there.

A Buyer’s Agent Understands the Market

There are many intricacies in the local market, and a good buyer’s agent will understand them. When it’s time to make an offer, your agent will be able to guide you toward the right number, based on that particular home in that particular neighborhood.

A Buyer’s Agent Has the Right Connections

Do you need a mortgage broker? Your agent can help you find one. Inspection? Appraisal? Attorney? Your agent knows someone. A good agent has spent time building connections and finding professionals they trust in the area that can take you through the entire home buying process.

A Buyer’s Agent Takes Care of All the Paperwork that Goes Along with Buying a New Home

Real estate contracts are complicated, and you need someone on your side who understands all the ins and outs. It can be easy for you, as the homebuyer, to miss contingencies, deadlines, and other issues with a real estate contract. An agent will know how to write a contract that presents the best possible situation for you. An agent can write an offer that is much more likely to be accepted than you could do on your own. During the escrow and closing process, your agent will guide you through the maze of the transactions and make sure that you are comfortable and that nothing is missed. Your agent will help keep the transaction on schedule and that delays are minimal.

A Buyer’s Agent Will Be Your Negotiator

Buying a house can be an emotional process, and negotiation is much more difficult when you are emotionally invested in the outcome. Your agent can be your emotional filter when buying a new home. They understand the ins and outs of negotiation and can keep you from making rash decisions. Even when taking emotion out of the picture, an agent also knows how to negotiate in a way to get you the best possible price for your new home.

Considering all the ways a buyer’s agent can help you, it becomes clear that hiring a buyer’s agent is the right decision when buying a new home. Having a professional on your side to look out for your best interests and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks during a large and important financial transaction can take some of the stress out of the process. We’re here to help. Contact Amberwood Real Estate to talk to a local real estate expert and let us know what kind of home you’re looking for.