Prices are Beginning to Drop, But You Can Still Get In

Home prices have soared and stayed high throughout the past 12-18 months. Sellers are able to make money on most home sales and use that profit to reinvest in a new property or save for other uses. In certain areas, prices are beginning to drop, but are still high enough to benefit the sellers. If you are even considering selling a house, now is the time. If you list your property now, you will likely sell your house fast and make a good profit.

Homeowners excited about selling their home for top dollar in a seller's market.

Inventory is Still Low

There are more home buyers than sellers right now, and competition for homes is still fierce. Without competing over buyers, many sellers are finding they can sell their home fast. When you list your home right, you can often sell your home quickly for a great price. In fact, due to low inventory in many areas, your home can wind up with multiple offers, and even a bidding war. It is quite possible that you can get a cash offer, which will lower your risk as a seller and shorten the escrow period.

Remote Work Means You Aren’t Locked into a Location

If you paid a premium to live close to your office, selling your house in that desirable area is a great idea in today’s market. As more companies are allowing their employees to continue with remote work, you can take your profit and move to another area with a lower cost of living. When the market cools, this may be more difficult, so selling a house now, while desirable areas are still in demand, is a smart decision. In many cases, the profits from your sale in a desirable area may allow you to make a cash offer for your new home in a less expensive market.

In a Seller’s Market, You Don’t Need to Invest Much Before Selling

When inventory is low and demand is high, you can often sell your home in “as-in” condition for a good price. If your home needs work, this is a great time for selling a house. Dated bathrooms and kitchens, a few flaws, or the need for maintenance in a few years are no longer the deal breakers for buyers they once were. You will often not need to concede to the same amount of repairs you would have several years ago. Those who are selling a house have the leverage in a negotiation. You will likely have multiple buyers competing for your home, and those buyers, especially those who have been looking for a while, are likely to overlook flaws. When you don’t need to invest in repairs or upgrades before selling your house, that means more money in your pocket from the sale.

Trust Your Agent

Seek out a quality agent, even in a seller’s market, to help you sell your home. A good agent will help price your home to sell and market your home to attract multiple buyers, which will get you the best offer for your home. Even without the need for upgrades, a good agent can help you stage your home with a home office space, a decluttered interior, and some focus on curb appeal.

You don’t want to wait only to find that you missed the opportunity to sell in a seller’s market. If you are considering selling your home, now is the time to find a good agent and let them get you the best value for your home. Amberwood Real Estate and our team of real estate experts is here to help you sell your home and find the home of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!