When you look into how to become a successful real estate agent, knowing how to network, and network effectively, is probably at the top of the list. Real estate is all about developing relationships. You will work with mortgage professionals, brokers, other agents, home professionals, and clients on a regular basis, and the relationships you build within this community can make or break your success.

Confident real estate agent standing with her staff in background at modern bright office conference room.

Why is Real Estate Networking Important?

Real estate is a profession about people. If you want to be successful in real estate, you have to learn how to network effectively. Connections will bring you clients, but networking with the right people will also build your profile in the community you work in. When other professionals know that you are friendly, positive, and trustworthy, they can help you succeed. Expanding your contacts can put new opportunities in front of you.

Are You Networking with the Right People?

You will have plenty of professionals, clients, and potential clients in your circle. Building relationships is part of what makes a successful real estate agent. But who should you be networking with?

  • Other Agents

Building relationships with other agents is a great tip for successful real estate agents. Real estate is a competitive business, but that competition should not allow agents to treat each other as adversaries. When agents build relationships with each other, they all do better. Being on good terms with your competition and embracing an accommodating, friendly attitude allows you to learn, grow, and improve. Agents need each other to learn from and improve their own approach. Agents can provide referrals and will often steer their buyers or sellers toward other agents with whom they have good relationships. If someone has a reputation for being overly competitive, confrontational, and uncooperative, other agents will often try not to work with them, which can ultimately cost those who only think of themselves. Your reputation is incredibly important in this business.

  • Your Community

You should be an active person in the community you serve. Community involvement will strengthen your client base along with putting your good name out there. Consider volunteering in local organizations, sponsoring local teams, events, and festivals, and partnering with local businesses.

  • Complementary Professionals

Establishing connections with businesses that align with you is always a smart move. Develop relationships with mortgage brokers, lawyers, contractors, decorators, and other professionals who work in the home industry. If you refer your clients to a mortgage broker you trust, they may in turn refer clients to you.

Optimize Your Online Presence

In-person networking is great when opportunities are available, but with social media and online platforms, in-person networking alone isn’t enough. You need a strong and active online presence to work with both potential clients and other professionals. An optimized LinkedIn profile, an active website with a blog of useful information, and social media accounts that highlight what you do will help you reach out more. Simply starting the pages isn’t enough. Follow other professionals and interact with their profiles on social media. Staying active shows that you are engaged in building others up as well as making yourself available.

Joining professional organizations for real estate agents is only the first step. Reach out to your community in many different ways. By engaging with other agents and professionals, maintaining a strong presence in your local community, and being active online, you can become a successful real estate agent with the help of quality networking. We are always looking for talented real estate agents to join our team. If you’re interested in learning more about working with us, contact Amberwood Real Estate today!