To be successful in real estate, you need to understand your responsibility as an agent. When you are working for the seller, you are responsible for getting the home priced right, marketed well, and closed successfully. When working with a buyer, you need to understand that your clients are looking to you as the expert to get them into the right property for the best price. Your clients trust you as the expert to guide and advise them through the process whether they are buying or selling, and that is a big responsibility for a real estate agent.

Successful female real estate agent standing outside an office building.

Good Real Estate Agent=Expert in Marketing Homes

Good marketing is key for selling real estate. Your job is to market the home aggressively. This means helping your clients stage the home, source professional listing photographs, use all marketing channels (not simply MLS), social media, and print materials. If one strategy isn’t successful, be prepared to pivot. Everything you share, whether it is online or in print, needs to be the highest quality. When you are the listing agent selling real estate, you cannot let up on the marketing.

Good Communication Skills are Necessary

A successful real estate agent doesn’t wait for clients to announce their needs. Your sellers need to understand what is going on once their home is on the market, and your buyers need to know that you are hustling for them. It is your responsibility to get all the feedback you can and share that information with your clients. You may have been through this before, but they might not have bought or sold a house before and have no idea what to expect. Anticipate their questions and needs and communicate regularly. By doing so, they will have tangible proof that you are working for them. If your clients reach out, try to respond within the hour.

Negotiate to Get Your Clients the Best Deal

When selling a home, there are many buyers who may act interested in the house, but it’s your job to weed out those who are simply not qualified. A pre-qualification isn’t enough anymore. Before you encourage your sellers to consider an offer a buyer has made, make sure that the buyers have gone through the process to get approval for their financing. Once you have the right buyer, a good listing agent will fight for the best possible contract for their clients. Look at all the factors and be ready to advise your clients on how to respond to each offer. When helping your buyers, look for all the factors that will make their offer attractive without overplaying your hand. Real estate negotiation is all about balance and market experience.

A successful agent will gain the trust of their clients. The sellers will leave every interaction feeling as though their agent is on their side and ready to represent them and fight for their best interests, and the buyers will benefit from your knowledge and willingness to hustle. When working in real estate, your clients need to trust that you know what you are doing and have the expertise to get them the best possible deal, no matter what side of the sale they are on. By earning that trust, you can be a successful real estate agent. We are always looking for talented agents to join our team. If you’re interested in becoming a real estate agent, or you’re an experienced agent looking to add your level of knowledge and expertise to a reputable roster, contact Amberwood Real Estate today!