Whether you’ve already taken your first steps towards becoming a real estate agent, or you’re still trying to determine whether it’s the right career path for you, understanding what separates successful agents from the rest should be a top priority. Today, we’ll look at a few of the secrets behind consistent success in real estate, though be warned—these secrets involve work and wisdom, and there’s no one trick to bypass that.  

Maintaining the Right Mindset

Real estate agent strategically planning for her client.Developing and maintaining the right mindset is critical for your long-term prospects as a real estate agent. That means beginning with a firm belief that you can and will succeed as a real estate agent, and maintaining that belief even if you stumble along the way. Getting caught up in mistakes and self-doubt will cripple your ability to perform.

Understanding how to self-motivate is also critical. This will be more personal, because what drives us varies from person to person. Being a real estate agent is still work, but it’s work where you set the hours and decide how much time you’re going to put in; successful agents understand that it’s easy to slack if you don’t give yourself a good reason to put in time.

Planning and Goals

Good real estate agents don’t move without a plan in place. Without a plan in place, you’ll focus on what seems easy in the moment, you’ll easily go astray and waste time and effort on unnecessary endeavors or short-term gains with poor long-term value. Where do you want real estate to take you next year, five years from now, ten years from now? Plan accordingly.

Plans tell you what you want to do; goals exist to help you understand how well you’re executing those plans. Setting quantifiable milestones will work wonders for keeping your efforts in the right places.

To use a metaphor, imagine the difference in focus between ‘wanting to get in shape’ and ‘wanting to complete a specific marathon six months from now, with milestones of necessary progress every month’. You gain the pressure of a specific goal, and the regular satisfaction of objectively progressing towards success.  

Pace Yourself

Great real estate agents understand the value of setting boundaries and taking time to breathe. For everyone who dreams of becoming a real estate agent then slacks too much to succeed, there’s another person who puts in so much time in effort in their enthusiasm that they burn themselves out. You don’t have to work normal hours, exactly, but you do need to know when you’re on the clock and when you’re off.

Determining that, and matching your work pace to what’s ideal for the way you operate is one of the best ways of becoming a successful real estate agent.

Communication and Engagement

Real estate is about people, which means you’ll need to learn to communicate clearly and promptly. That means being accessible, thinking carefully about what you say, and making sure secondary interactions—your website, your social media, your ads—continue to evolve and grow to engage new and old clients and contacts effectively.

Forgetting that you’re reliant on the whims, desires, fears, and concerns of people can get you in a lot of trouble in real estate. Effective communication is all about understanding that human element and guiding it towards the results you want.

If you were to sum up all of these secrets to success in a single word, that word would be mindfulness. Successful real estate agents think carefully about their work, their communication with other people, what they’re doing now and what they’re aiming for in the future. Stay mindful, and you’re well on your way to becoming a real estate agent with a proven track record. We’d love to talk to you about your career goals as a real estate agent, and we’re always looking for dedicated agents to add to our team of real estate specialists. Contact our office today for more information about this exciting career!