It may be a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean every home will sell fast. To sell your home quickly, you might need to do some prep work before you put it on the market. For many homeowners, that means taking some time to look at your current house through the eyes of potential buyers.

Interior of a beautiful living room. Modern and luxury house design. Staging your home to sell it.

Plan Carefully

Once you have decided to sell your home, make a conscious effort to disassociate yourself from the house. Once you put your home on the market, you need to stop thinking of it as your home, and start thinking about the best way to sell it quickly and for the best possible price. Organize your to-do list and give yourself enough time to declutter, make repairs, clean, and stage your home as a buyer would like to see it. You want them to envision themselves living there. If it’s full of your personal things and other clutter, it’s harder to see it as anything but your house. Your real estate agent can help you make a plan.

Prepare to Show Off

Decluttering and depersonalizing are the keys to getting your home ready to sell. The more of your things that remain in the house, the less a buyer can picture their things fitting in. Consider finding another place to store everything that isn’t essential while your home is on the market. Renting a storage unit for the duration of the showings and sale is a smart idea that many home sellers decide to do. Many even go so far as to remove excess furniture. Nearly every home shows better when it is open, with just enough furniture to show the room’s purpose. Organize whatever you choose to keep in the home in a way that a buyer who opens your closet or cabinet will see a well organized space.

Make Minor Repairs

In a seller’s market, you don’t need to make major repairs or renovations, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to make sure it’s in good shape. Replace cracked tiles, patch any holes in the wall, fix leaky faucets, running toilets, and other minor imperfections. Repainting your walls in a neutral color can help buyers envision your home as a blank slate, so it’s something to consider, especially if you’ve made some bold color choices in the past.

Consider a Deep Clean Before Selling Your Home

You will need to maintain a very clean home during showings, but to get you started, consider doing a deep clean. This will probably include cleaning appliances, window washing, shampooing carpets, polishing all fixtures, and making sure you haven’t missed any nooks and crannies. Buyers will look everywhere-including closets and cupboards, and you don’t want them to find any unpleasant surprises. If your home is clean and well cared for, it will show much better and sell much more quickly.

Stage Your Home Inside and Out

Hiring someone to stage your home professionally may or may not be necessary, but the staging itself can’t be overlooked if you want to sell your home fast and for a good price, even in today’s market. Consider neutral and minimal décor, adding fresh flowers, and make sure your home smells clean and inviting. Outdoors, consider adding flowerpots to your porch or patio, a seasonal wreath to the front door, and make sure your lawn, paths, and flower beds are neat and maintained.

Before you list your home, enter each room and imagine how your home will look to the eyes of a buyer. Make sure you’ve depersonalized, decluttered, and staged your home so another family can envision themselves living in it. Once your home is ready, you can sell your home fast! If you’ve been thinking about putting your house up for sale, contact Amberwood Real Estate today!