Selling your house during a pandemic doesn’t need to be a challenge. There are plenty of ways to successfully sell your home fast, even in the current market. However, there are mistakes that can slow you down and even cost you the sale of your home. When you are listing your home for sale during the COVID-19 pandemic, avoid making mistakes that can slow down the process.

Modern home staged perfectly for a quick sale.

Not Considering Virtual Options

Video tours were once creative and unique, but during the pandemic, a virtual home tour is all but required if you want to sell your home fast. A video that accompanies your listing with your agent leading buyers through the home is a good alternative to an open house. It may be better since buyers can watch at their convenience from their own homes, without worrying about masks and social distancing. Offering prospective buyers a chance to take a virtual tour with your agent can go a long way toward selling your home quickly.

Once you’ve moved past the showings, virtual options are still things you need to be open to. Virtual appraisals, zoom negotiations and meetings, and even remote closings can help everyone involved in the process stay safe. If you insist on handling things face-to-face, you may chase away a good buyer.

Not Staging to Sell Your Home Fast

If you are having buyers tour your house in person, your staging is more important than ever and should reflect the current climate. If your buyers worry about exposure or contamination, you want them to feel comfortable in your home. Declutter as much as possible and make sure your home is really clean before any in-person showings. The bathroom should make a great first impression as many buyers may begin there to wash their hands. Going the extra mile to show that you care about the safety of your buyers can help sell your home fast. Set out hand sanitizer and gloves, and consider leaving lights on and cabinet and closet doors open so that buyers can minimize touch points.

Ignoring Pandemic Etiquette

Going the extra mile to make a buyer feel comfortable is important. Make sure both you and your agent wear masks during any face-to-face interactions. Refraining from handshakes is something that at one time may have seemed rude, but currently is the polite thing to do. If you want to sell your home fast, do everything you can to show buyers that you have nothing but consideration for them.

Rushing the Process

You want to sell your home fast, but the system has slowed down. Inspectors, appraisers, bank officers, lawyers, and many others involved in home sales have been affected by the pandemic. Some may be considered essential, some may not be, and things can change quickly. You may need to be flexible with your closing date. A contract may include a clause that makes room for a delay due to COVID-19 issues. This may include provisions if one of the parties has been infected or has been exposed and is under quarantine. If you aren’t willing to be flexible in the current climate, you may lose out on a good sale.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all how to be flexible. You can have a very successful sale of your home during the pandemic, and even sell your home fast, if you roll with the changes and are open to new ways of doing things. The fastest way to a quick sale is choosing the right real estate agent to assist you in the process. Contact Amberwood Real Estate to speak with our dedicated team of local real estate experts.