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Most people don’t want to pay two mortgages a month. When in the middle of moving from one home to the next, a common question surfaces: Is there anything you can do to sell your home faster? While there are a few things you can’t control — like geography and square footage — it turns out there are a number of steps you can take to help maximize your listing and minimize the time your home sits on the market. 

Find the Right Real Estate Agent

The most important thing you can do is find the right real estate agent to sell your property. Some people believe it’s a waste of money to hire a real estate agent, but the truth is they actually save you money in the long run. By hiring an experienced seller’s agent, your home will sell much more quickly than if you tried to sell it yourself. It’s no secret that time is money-especially when you’re faced with paying two mortgage payments every month your previous home doesn’t sell.

Understand your Highest Suggested List Price

If a listing agent only tells you a single suggested list price and a high one at that — it’s probably too good to be true. A reputable listing agent will help you get the right price by sharing with you a listing price range based on research including:

  • comparable sales
  • pending sales
  • active sales in your area

You should work with an agent who knows not just your town but understands your area and surrounding area’s market. A well-priced home should have an offer quickly. An overpriced home may not get any offers within the first 30 or even 60 days. If this happens, you’ll be faced with lowering your asking price, not to mention extending the time it takes to sell.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent who Understands Marketing

In today’s digital world, a great real estate agent will do more than yard signs and open houses. Find an expert who understands staging, digital presentations, websites, and multimedia. You’ll need professional photos and the right look to appeal to top buyers in any area. Find a listing agent who can help you understand what should be cleaned, repaired, and packed before your listing goes public. Work with someone who uses a professional photographer and can tell the digital story of your home. Find an agent who understands virtual 3D home tours, and who can boost you on social media with a live tour and open house.

Your home will sell faster if it is marketed well, making the ideal agent someone with area experience and modern know-how too.

Offer Incentives

As you already know, buying a home and moving can be expensive. If you are in an extra hurry to sell, consider offering some incentives. You can entice the buyer by offering to cover additional closing costs or pay for an extra inspection. Get creative and consider a gift card to the paint store after signing. When it comes to the agency, share that you’d love to refer them to all your friends, write an excellent review, or offer a higher commission for a sale completed within a certain time. There are many ways you can help move your home to the top of the list.

While there isn’t a guarantee, there is definite evidence that you can help speed up the home selling process with these simple steps. What are you waiting for, get started by contacting our office today!