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The importance of social media for real estate cannot be denied. Almost one hundred percent of buyers start their search for a home online as opposed to in-person referrals. Social media, when used correctly, is a gold mine for real estate agents, if you leverage it with the right strategy.

How to Sell a Home Fast with Social Media

One of the best ways to sell a property quickly is to build up a list of buyers looking for property in a particular area. You can do this through a blog by adding a sign up button at the top of your page that asks people to join your waiting list. You can link to the blog through Facebook or Instagram.

Now, you’re building an email list for interested home buyers. When a seller lists their home with you, you can bring up the fact that you have a list of buyers who are already interested in the area. You can quickly notify all these leads that the property is available, and it sends the right signal. If you have a “waiting list” of buyers, the impression that you give is that your properties are in demand and being on your list may give them an advantage.

You can then use your social media platforms to start marketing the house to a large group of interested buyers. Rather than just linking the MLS listing, you can do a virtual tour on YouTube, pin several images of your property on Pinterest, then target some inexpensive ads so those searching for homes in an area will be directed to your properties, post the most beautiful pictures of the home to Instagram with the most effective tags, and share narrative details about the home on Facebook.

How to Turn Followers into Clients with Social Media

First, you not only have to have social media that gets traffic, but you have to convert that traffic into clients. Putting your contact info in an easy to find location is a critical step one. You want to include your phone number, email address, web address (or landing page to capture leads) and location at the top of your page. On Instagram, it’s important to convert to a business profile, which will allow you to include contact buttons beyond one link in your bio. On Facebook, make sure you’ve enabled Messenger as a means of contact. A very low percentage of agents respond to all their message requests via social media. Using a social media management service may help make sure you are available through all means of contact.

How Else Can Agents Leverage Social Media Beyond the Sale?

Once you have finished a sale, you don’t want to lose contact with your client. This is where social media can help. By staying on your client’s radar via social media, they will think of you when it comes time for their next referral or transaction. If you’re only posting listings however, your clients who have just purchased a home may not be interested in seeing you in their feed. To keep those clients engaged, sharing renovation tips, decorating ideas and inspiration, and home maintenance know-how will keep your clients actively involved in your social media.

Your clients are on social media and using it actively when it comes to business, both big and small. With the volume of social media out there, it makes sense to narrow your focus to what you can invest the time in. Prioritizing your time, scheduling your posts, and focusing on sharing attractive content that draws in leads while still engaging clients can all bring you faster success. Interested in selling homes with Amberwood Real Estate? Contact us today to learn more about how you can become part of our team.