If you’re interested in selling your home quickly – and what seller isn’t? – you need to appeal to buyers. We may still be in a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean that sellers don’t need to put in any effort at all. To get the best price and the fastest sale, look to your agent to help you get your listing looking the best it can.Woman standing in a home smiling with her arms crossed

1. Find the Right Agent

When you are selling your home, trying to go it alone is a risky move. Yes, you can theoretically sell your house yourself and save some commission money. But to get the best price, the smoothest transaction, and the best result, you need the expertise of an agent. Make sure you find an agent who is an expert in your neighborhood with a good track record of selling homes. Going with a friend or family member is almost never a good idea. In many cases, they will actually underperform for people they know personally. You need someone you can trust, someone who can be objective, and someone with whom you communicate well. Interview several agents before settling on one you like.

2. Set a Fair Selling Price

Setting a real estate price is tough. You may think pricing high is a good idea, since it will allow you some room to negotiate and still land on a good price. But overpricing your home often means your home will sit on the market. Buyer’s agents will know when a home is overpriced and will steer their buyers away. If a home sits on the market too long-especially in this market- buyers may think something must be wrong with the home. Trust your agent to look at your home, the neighborhood, and the overall market to set a fair price that will attract the right buyers.

3. Stay Objective When Selling Your Home

Of course you are emotionally attached to the space where your children took their first steps or where you lived when you were just starting out, but if you can’t stay objective, you’ll have a hard time selling your home. Once you list your home, begin to emotionally detach. When you stage your home, depersonalize every area you can so that buyers picture themselves in the home, not you. If you stay emotionally attached, you may become frustrated when buyers want to make changes or point out problem areas. Lean on your real estate agent to help you look at your home as a seller, not a long-time resident.

4. Address the Problem Areas

You won’t sell your home nearly as quickly or for the best price if it’s full of problems that need to be fixed. Do you have a leaky faucet? Time to address it. Does the closet door stick? Get it fixed. Is the paint chipping? Add a fresh coat before you list your home. Buyers don’t want to purchase someone else’s problems. Have your agent help you make a list of all the little things – and even some big things – that you need to address before you put your house on the market.

5. Stage Your Home to Sell

Your agent can help you “stage” your home so buyers will get the best possible impression when they come to see it. For many homeowners, this means decluttering, depersonalizing, and cleaning. Your home should be a clean canvas where buyers can envision themselves living. Your agent can give you advice or send you to a professional to make sure your home looks sale ready at all times.

If you want to appeal to buyers for a quick sale, you’ll want to have an agent who is helping you make the right decisions about how to improve your home, stage your home, and set your price. Your agent is the best resource to get you the best price and the smoothest home sale possible. If you’re looking for a local real estate agent to help you sell your home, contact Amberwood Real Estate today.