Clean, well staged living room in a home for sale.

Nobody ever lists their home with the hopes that it sits on the market for months. However, this can happen to even those with the best intentions of selling their home fast. You may not even realize you are sabotaging your own interests, and selling your home fast means going the extra mile and staging the home specifically for potential buyers.

Staging a home isn’t necessarily always considered a necessity to sell a home. In fact, at the lower end of the market, it sometimes doesn’t make the most financial success. But for those who want to maximize their asset, investing in proper staging can be the difference between capturing a buyer’s interest immediately or just being another address on a realtor’s list.

Why Staging is Critical

Just like anything you are trying to sell someone on, accentuating strengths and minimizing weaknesses is imperative to making your home look its best. If you’ve lived in a home for any length of time, you’ve developed a sense of familiarity with it. Staging puts the spotlight back on the promise that every home has something to offer new owners.

Simply put, you want potential buyers to walk in seeing nothing but opportunity, and how they can put their stamp on their new home. You want people to see themselves living in your home.

Maximizing Your Space

At the core of any successful staging effort is a focus on creating great living spaces. There’s a delicate balance between creating livable spaces and giving the appearance of plenty of room to live in.

The most basic step in staging, then, is getting rid of the clutter that has built up in your home over the years. Most homeowners don’t even see it because they live with it every day. Once you decide to sell your home, however, it’s time to take a hard look around your home. Get rid of anything that isn’t necessary to live your life on a daily basis. And don’t just stuff it in a closet. Potential buyers are going to be checking out closet space, and simply shifting the clutter to a different part of the house won’t help. If your storage spaces are jam-packed, it will tell buyers you don’t have enough storage space.

You should also remove yourself from the home as much as possible. Take down family photos, or anything connected to the home’s current residents. Prospective owners want to be able to envision their lives in the home, which is hard when another family’s pictures and keepsakes are still on the mantle.

Bring Definition

Once spaces are cleared, give each room a distinct definition. You may pay bills at the kitchen table, but all a potential buyer wants to see is a room’s singular purpose. Of course, if you have space in your home that is not being utilized, find a defined purpose for what that room could be, and stage it accordingly.

Sell the Fairytale

From the moment someone pulls up in front of your home, they are performing a test run on if this is a house they would want to come home to every night. Staging not only refers to the inside of your home, but the amount of curb appeal you can give the exterior. Change any burned-out exterior lights, prune and trim landscaping, clean windows, and power wash your exterior. Keep the front walk clear, and create an outdoor living space in the backyard. Creating the whole picture is key when you want to sell your home quickly.

Staging a home to appeal to the widest range of possible buyers will also ensure the offers come quick, and hit as close to your asking price as possible. For more information or help with staging your home to sell fast, contact our office today!