Open houses aren’t just for selling a property. When you are selling real estate, an open house can also be a way for real estate agents to meet interested buyers and build a working relationship with them. The challenge is how to turn those who visited the open house from lookers to leads. Even if this house isn’t the perfect fit, you can use the open house experience to let potential buyers know you are there to help them find a great house. There are a few ways to make sure you capture the full potential from your next open house.

Male real estate agent leaning up against his desk in his office.

Understanding the Neighborhoods

Before you host your open house, use “courtesy marketing” to meet the neighbors and begin to understand the neighborhood. Visit the surrounding properties – NOT to invite the homeowners to the open house – but to let the homeowners know that there may be increased traffic and activity in the neighborhood for a few hours. Most residents love the update, and when they are ready to list their house, they will remember you and this moment. In addition, by having conversations with those in the neighborhood, you will get an excellent sense of the location where you are selling, which will make you very valuable to potential clients.

Use an App for Sign In and Make Use of QR Codes

No matter if your open house is virtual or in-person, having a record of who attended is crucial. One of the most frustrating parts of an open house is seeing an incomplete, difficult to read, or incorrect sign in sheet. If you don’t have potential buyers’ information, you can’t follow up. There are apps that allow open house visitors to sign in on a digital tablet. The app asks custom questions and will send you all their contact data. You can follow up via phone, email, or messaging. If you use a QR code instead of a sign in sheet, all the information will automatically be collected, and you can offer a benefit, such as a live walkthrough.

Market the Open House to Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is built by everything you put out there. Technology is evolving rapidly, and you can turn lukewarm leads into hot leads by offering open house visitors something extra. To help buyers visualize how a space will look with different furniture or a different use, offer them the option to see how a certain room would look for their needs. You can use virtual staging (available on Fiverr) to show these visitors how a guest room would look as a home office, a nursery, a playroom, or a craft room.

There are many websites that can help you create the right materials to market your open house. Consider giving out “thank you gifts” or “party favors”. Don’t bother with fridge magnets, but focus on things that potential leads will keep and use, such as potholders, bottle openers, or business card holders.

Follow Up with Three Features that Make the Home Stand Out

Becoming a valuable real estate agent is easy if you pay attention to details. When you follow up with open house visitors, don’t send a generic email. Focus on what you remember about meeting those particular clients and target three features that should make the home stand out to them against other homes they may be looking at. Is the layout what they were looking for? Is the yard larger? When visitors to your open house realize that you took the time to listen to them and respond with a targeted follow up, they’ll know you are willing to go the extra mile and they could easily become a client.

Becoming a real estate agent comes with challenges, and building your roster of clients and leads is one of them. The best way to get leads from an open house is your attitude about open houses. If you approach an open house with excitement and energy, visitors will feed off of that energy. Mindset is everything when it comes to turning leads into potential buyers, and it’s a personal way to build trust with potential clients. We’re always looking for talented agents to join our team. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a real estate agent, now is a perfect time to learn more. Contact Amberwood Real Estate today!