Buying a home can be a complicated process and having an agent to guide you through can make all the difference. A buyer’s agent will represent you throughout the home buying process in all aspects of the transaction, therefore, finding the right buyer’s agent is key to a successful home buying experience.Real Estate Agent/business woman with notebook in the office

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

With buyer’s agents working for you with no out of pocket cost, using an agent should be the clear choice, but there are many additional benefits of using a real estate agent to find your next house. You will have an experienced partner skilled in all aspects of the home buying process, as well as a resource for all the other professionals (such as trusted and knowledgeable lenders, attorneys, and inspectors) you will need during the process. Your agent will have immediate access to new listings, allowing you to see all possible properties early in the process, and they can ensure all your paperwork is handled appropriately.

Should the Agent Represent the Buyer and Seller?

Dual agency, where the agent represents both the buyer and the seller, is sometimes possible but usually not a good idea. Many agents don’t feel they can represent both parties’ interests simultaneously. Agents have an obligation to represent their client’s best interests, so it’s nearly always best to go with an agent who will work solely for your benefit.

Where to Find a Buyer’s Agent

Searching for agents in the area in which you are looking can be started online. Many sites have bios, reviews, ratings, and recent transactions. If you have friends or family in the local area, you can ask for a recommendation. Many real estate agents rely on recommendations and referrals and will work hard to keep their reputation strong in the community. If you have members of your social circle who have recently purchased or sold a home, this is a good place to start. However, it isn’t always a smart idea to hire an agent solely on the recommendation of another. Cross check the recommendations you receive with online reviews, and make sure you interview at least three agents. Get a feel for each agent, their communication style, and their personality. Once you settle on an agent, you’ll likely have to sign an agreement outlining how you’ll work together.

What to Look for in a Buyer’s Agent

In most cases you will be working with your agent for several months, so the most important thing to look for is an agent you can work with. You and your agent need to get along, trust each other, and communicate well. Rather than just relying on a recommendation from a friend, colleague, or family member, take the time to meet with your agent before signing an agreement. In addition to a personality match, there are a few characteristics your agent should have.

First, your agent should be familiar with the specific market in which you are looking. Every market is different, and a local agent will understand the prices, demand, and neighborhoods in their area. Your agent should have several years of experience to ensure they fully understand the complete process through the closing. Finally, you need an agent with strong communication skills, not only with you, but with the others in the process. You will be trusting your agent to negotiate and communicate with the seller’s agent on your behalf. Make sure you find a buyer’s agent who can reply quickly and accurately to requests and questions.

When you find the right buyer’s agent, the overwhelming process of purchasing a new home can become far less stressful. Finding an agent who is the right fit may take a few interviews, but when you find someone who you trust, can communicate well, and understands the market, you will know that you are in good hands. If you’re local to the area and looking for an agent to represent you and your home search, contact Amberwood Real Estate today. We’re experts at finding the right home for you.