Buying a house is exciting, but buying a house in a seller’s market can be frustrating. When you are ready to buy a home, whether it is your first home or you are ready to move on, you need an experienced agent to guide you through the process.Smiling young couple embracing while looking at smartphone.

Make a Wish List

If you go into the process of buying a house without knowing what you want, you can quickly become overwhelmed. Picture your ideal home and create a “wishlist” of what you want to find in a home. Have you always pictured a neighborhood where your children can walk to school? Do you need a big yard? How many bedrooms are you hoping for? Would you like a mud room? Think about your wish list and jot it all down. Once you have your list, start prioritizing. What are your “must haves”, “nice to haves”, and “my PERFECT home would also haves”? A wish list with priorities can help you focus your search on what is most important to you.

Determine Your Deal Breakers

Your deal breakers are the things you absolutely cannot concede on. If you absolutely need four bedrooms, you’ll know it’s a waste of time to look at any homes that only have three bedrooms. If an attached garage is something you need, you should avoid even looking at homes without one. Your deal breakers list should include things you can’t compromise on, as in, if a home hit every item on your wish list except for this deal breaker, would you consider it? Then, like with your wish list, you can create a secondary list and identify deal breakers that you could reconsider. This would include things that you really don’t want to deal with, but for the right house, you might make an exception.

Remember that Buying a House is a Business Decision

The process of buying a house is an emotional decision, but it’s also a financial one. For most people, buying a house is the biggest personal financial transaction you will ever make. Buying a home is an investment, so you want to make sure you keep a clear head and don’t get discouraged if your offers aren’t accepted. Don’t get caught up in a bidding war you can’t afford or overpay for a house that simply isn’t worth it. If you get emotional on believing you have found the only house for you, or if you get fixated on “winning”, you can make a bad financial decision. Your agent will be a great asset to help you through this whole process.

Let Your Agent Guide You

In a seller’s market, your agent can help you take the emotions out of the decision and help ensure you make a smart financial move. Your agent will understand the process of buying a house in a seller’s market, and they will know how to advise and guide you through the process of buying a house.

By knowing what you want, knowing what you don’t want, and remembering to keep a level head, you can find a great house, even in a seller’s market. Let your agent be your guide, trust their advice, and you will end up in the right house for your family. If you’ve been searching for a great house, or you’re ready to start looking, contact Amberwood Real Estate today.