Young couple talking to a real estate agent.

A real estate listing agent will have many tricks up his or her sleeve to attract buyers. Real estate leads or prospects are the foundation of your business. Obtaining these leads can be challenging at times and the most successful real estate listing agents will use a variety of methods to find their buyers. Some methods are free, requiring only an investment of time. Others are paid advertising methods. A good real estate listing agent will find the right balance between the two to get the most buyers.

Use Your Real Estate Listing Agent Network

Building your local network with other real estate listing agents is an excellent way to find buyers. If you expand your network outside your target area, you can pass leads to other agents in different areas, and they will do the same for you. Join a professional group, connect with other agents online, and begin to build your agent partnerships.

Stay in Touch with Previous Buyers

Getting a referral from a previous buyer is a great way to find another buyer. Previous clients who you worked well with are an excellent way to get your name out there. After your buyers have completed their purchase, make sure they don’t forget you. A few times a year, keep your clients informed about their home’s value and the state of the housing markets. A month or so after the closing, bring a housewarming gift to your buyers. A framed drawing of their home, a seasonal decoration, a special door knocker or entry mat, or something else that feels personal will keep your clients thinking of you. Some agents will give a “one year anniversary” gift that makes their clients feel like they are still connected with you. When their friends or family need an agent, these former clients will be happy to refer you.

Use Niche Marketing

Niche marketing focuses your strategy on specific types of buyers. First-time homebuyers, military or veterans, retirement communities, or those looking for homes on a golf course are all niche markets in real estate. When you focus your marketing like this, you can really tailor your message to the needs of these clients.

Connect with the Community

Socialize with small, local businesses. Shop local, eat local, and tag local businesses in your social media. Introduce yourself to the owners and ask if you can leave a stack of cards. Host a seminar or class for targeted groups, such as first-time home buyers or seniors. You can collect information and then follow up afterward.

Connect on Social Media

Social media, when done well, is an excellent source of potential buyers and a good way to get your name out as a real estate listing agent people can turn to when they are ready. Find agents who are currently attracting buyers with their posts and begin interacting with them. This will get your name in front of potential buyers as well. Share content that buyers care about, such as blog posts about how to sell, buy, or renovate a home. On Instagram, share images of home, or create a series such as “listing of the week”. In your bio, have a link to your landing page, where users who click can enter their information. Although you can do plenty on social media for free, you can also pay to promote your posts and run a fairly inexpensive ad that will get your posts to the right audience.

There are many ways to find buyers, and a good real estate listing agent will find the right balance of networking, marketing, and building relationships that will provide them with buyers ready to purchase their new home. Are you interested in becoming a real estate agent? Contact Amberwood Real Estate for information about how to join our team!