If you’re looking for how to sell a home fast, you want the right listing agent. Yet finding the right listing agent can be tricky if you’ve never sold a home before. What should you look for? What should you avoid? And how do you decide who to pick?

Young couple meeting with a real estate agent to sell their home.

Use a Listing Agent Who Knows How to Get Things Done

When you are choosing a real estate listing agent, you want an agent who knows how to sell a home fast. Here are a few key features to look for.

·   Year of Experience

Your listing agent should have a few years of experience selling homes. With experience an agent will develop an understanding of the local market, have dealt with unique situations, built their network, and honed their most effective selling strategies.

·   Sales Volume

You want to look for an agent who has completed a good amount of home sales in your area. You want an active agent who is consistently selling, but who will also have time for you. A listing agent with the right volume has a commitment to real estate. They will understand how to market a home in your area.

·   Training

Obviously, you want to make sure that your real estate listing agent has passed their exams, has an active license, and has completed all the professional training required, as well as any specialties you may be interested in. You can also check to make sure there are no complaints or suspensions on their record.

·   Online Presence

Social media and other online activities are important. Your real estate listing agent should have a strong following online with an active social presence. They should be marketing all their properties online with professional photos and creative posts.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Real Estate Listing Agent

  •   Don’t choose an agent based on the lowest commission. You get what you pay for.
  •   Don’t choose an agent who “oversells” what your home is worth. You don’t want your home to sit overpriced on the market.
  •   Don’t choose an agent with too many clients. They won’t have time for you.
  •   Don’t choose an agent based only on connections. Working with family, friends, or the family of friends can be touchy and is almost never a good idea.

How to Choose a Real Estate Listing Agent

Choosing an agent can be difficult. If you ask for recommendations, you’ll get an abundance, and it can be hard to narrow it down. You want to make sure you interview at least three agents by speaking to them directly, either in-person or on the phone. You’ll be able to get a good sense of who the agent is and how they’ll market your home. Make sure to:

  •   Give an Overview of Your Home and What You’re Looking For

Your agent needs to know the basics. Square footage, location, bedrooms and bathrooms, general condition, and any unique features. Let your agent know if you have a timeframe or a minimum sale amount.

  •   Ask the Right Questions

Ask your agent how well they know the area, how many clients they are representing, and the basic marketing plan for a home like yours. The agent should have a quick response for these basic questions, but you’ll get an idea of their level of confidence. You can follow up by asking what sets your agent apart from others. A good agent should have a way to describe themselves that will set them apart. If they can sell themselves, they’ll likely be able to sell your home.

  •   Understand the Details

Ask your agent what is included in the fee. Do they include photography? Staging services? When comparing agents, these add-ons make a difference. Finally, ask about fees. What do the contract terms look like? Is there any flexibility? When and how do they begin?

  •   Choose an Agent You Like

When thinking about how to sell your home fast, you may think that all that matters is getting someone with swagger. But you need to connect with your agent. You need to communicate with them, and you need to feel comfortable going through this stressful process together.

Choosing a listing agent may not be as easy, but when you find the right agent, you will not only sell your home fast, but you’ll sell it with the least amount of stress possible. Take your time, think about what the agent can bring to the table, and make sure you choose the right partner. If you’re looking for a listing agent or planning on selling your home soon, contact Amberwood Real Estate to learn about our professional selling strategies with our experienced team.