Though it may feel like an uncertain time to buy a house, now is actually a great time to find your dream home. COVID-19 has changed the way we do almost everything. To keep each other safe, every industry is rethinking the way things are done, and home buying is no different. At the height of restrictions, buying a new home by touring multiple properties wasn’t something that could be done. Now that restrictions are more relaxed, things may not be back to the way they were, but it is certainly possible to find your dream home.

Realtor handshaking couple as they make real estate deal.

Open Houses are Less Open

Open houses were initially not possible during COVID-19, but as things have opened up, open houses are possible again. They won’t, however, look like the open houses from before the pandemic began. You won’t be able to simply show up on a whim and wander through the house. Most open houses will have appointment blocks throughout the “open house” time-frame. You will register ahead of time, most likely sign a waiver where you agree to follow safety guidelines, and you will be the only “buying party” in the house with the agent at that time.

Virtual Tours are a Great Option When Buying a New Home

Virtual tours became the go-to way to shop for a home during the initial stages of the pandemic, but they are still a great way to get started on your path to buying a new home. Virtual tours can help you rule out certain properties and narrow down the homes you want to see in person, which will limit your exposure and save you time. A virtual tour will allow you to “walk” through the house, seeing more than pictures can provide. If you don’t love the home during your virtual tour, you can eliminate it.

Be Flexible and Considerate

Showings need to be spaced out to reduce the potential spread or transmission of illness, and the homeowner may need more notice before allowing a showing. This means that you may not be able to see a home exactly when you’d like to. Please know that your agent is doing the best they can to meet everyone’s needs, and flexibility is key.

You should absolutely plan to wear a mask during any in person showings and you should expect the agent to do the same. If you are showing any symptoms or have been exposed, you will need to move your tour virtually until you have a clean bill of health. Both you and the agent will sanitize your hands upon entering and will disinfect any surfaces that you touch. Although it’s expected that you’ll need to touch things like doorknobs, light switches, and faucets, it’s important to be considerate and try to limit how many surfaces you do touch. Many windows may be open to increase ventilation. It’s important that you respect both the agent and the seller when you are touring a property.

Go in Strong

There is a surplus of buyers in many areas right now. When you find your dream home, make a strong offer. Talk to your agent about what you can do to get you the best chance of landing your dream home. It also needs to be noted that mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and others involved in the home buying process are all experiencing an influx of business as things reopen. You may find yourself waiting longer than usual, so plan ahead and get all your approvals ready for when you find a home you want to make an offer on.

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