Smiling Real Estate Agent talking with a client on the phone.If you’re planning on selling your home, don’t make the mistake of trying to do it on your own. Too many homeowners think too highly of their property and assume that all it will take to sell it is to list it. If you don’t prepare your home, price it accurately, and advertise it properly, there’s a good chance it will sit on the market for way too long. It’s why you should consider working with a listing agent.

A listing agent is a real estate agent that represents home sellers. Good listing agents have access to large networks and useful resources allowing them to connect you with motivated buyers so you can sell your home quickly at a price that’s fair. Of course, finding a good listing agent is a lot easier said than done. The following are a few tips to help you find a good listing agent that will help you not only sell your home, but help make the selling process swift and profitable.

Look For a Local Listing Agent

First of all, always hire a listing agent that’s located in the area you’re selling your house in. Local listing agents are going to be much more familiar with the local real estate market, which means they will be able to price your home more accurately. Additionally, they’ll have more local resources at their disposal, such as connections with other real estate agents that they can use to find more interested buyers.

Look For an Experienced Listing Agent

The more experience a listing agent has, the more helpful advice they can provide. Experienced agents have seen it all and will be able to troubleshoot more effectively when issues come up.

Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

While you can find plenty of listing agents in your area through a simple Google search, it’s worth asking friends and family who have recently sold a house in your area for referrals.

Ask the Listing Agent for References

When speaking with listing agents, make sure to ask for references that you can contact. Speak with these references and ask them if they sold their homes at the price they were looking for, how long it took to sell, and whether or not they liked working with the agent.

Look For an Agent That Provides a Pricing Range

A good listing agent will provide a pricing range for your home and give you an understanding of what factors can influence how much your house could sell for.

Ask the Listing Agent How They Prep Houses to Sell

A good listing agent will be able to do a walkthrough of your house and give you a plan of action for preparing the property before listing it.

Ask About Their Advertising Plan

You’ll want to make sure that the agent does more than just throw up a listing online. A good agent will have a thorough marketing plan for your home.

Look For an Agent That Works on Commission

Some agents charge upfront fees; however, it’s better if they work on commission. This way, they’ll only get paid if you sell your house, which will motivate them to work hard on selling your home.

Look For an Agent That Works Full Time

Many listing agents work part-time. These types of agents may be more difficult to reach when you need to speak to them.

Read Online Reviews

When looking up listing agents, search online for reviews left by previous clients. You probably won’t want to work with an agent that has overwhelmingly poor reviews, after all.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell your house without a listing agent. Use these tips to find a highly qualified listing agent that will help guide you through the selling process from beginning to end. It may seem like an unnecessary expense to hire a listing agent, but the time and money you will save by selling your house fast will make all the difference. Enjoy peace of mind by contacting our office today-let’s get your home SOLD!