When you want to sell your home, the best way to sell it fast for the best price is to use a listing agent. Any real estate agent can represent the buyer or seller, but a seller’s agent is working for you to sell your house for the best price in the shortest amount of time. The best agent is the one who you trust and feel comfortable with, but there are some qualities to look for.

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Look for a Listing Agent Who Will Listen to You

Yes, your listing agent is the expert, and you should trust their judgment. But you also need to find an agent who will listen to you. Every home is unique, and you need an agent who understands your needs and concerns and will come up with the right solution for you. If you feel your listing agent is brushing off your concerns, find another agent.

An Agent Who Knows the Local Market

Having a local listing agent who is familiar with the local market is vital. While there is a general market, each state, county, town, and neighborhood have their own nuances, and you need to find a real estate listing agent who knows that market cold. This will help them develop a pricing and marketing strategy and allow you to sell your home quickly. Look at other homes your agent has sold in the area to get an idea of how well they know the local market.

A Good Real Estate Agent Can Communicate

If your agent doesn’t communicate with you regularly, you will likely spend your time throughout the selling process frustrated and chasing information. Your agent should always take your calls (or return them quickly), answer your emails, and respond to any questions you may have. They should give you honest feedback on your home. You are trusting this agent to communicate on your behalf, and you need to know that they can do that effectively.

A Good Listing Agent Knows How to Negotiate

In a seller’s market, negotiation skills are paramount. You may be juggling multiple offers with a variety of conditions. You need a real estate agent who knows how to negotiate as a seller’s agent. This means combing through the offers and finding the best ones, which may or may not be the highest. Trust your agent to look for a clean offer and negotiate conditions on your behalf. If your home doesn’t receive multiple offers, which is becoming more probable as the market cools, your agent will negotiate on your behalf with the buyer’s agent to get you the best possible price while still selling your home quickly.

A Good Real Estate Agent Understands Marketing

Even in a seller’s market, your home is not going to sell if your real estate agent isn’t actively marketing your home. The better your agent is at marketing, the better you will do in your sale. Not only will your home sell more quickly, but it will sell for the best possible price. Look for a listing agent who will utilize multiple marketing strategies, including technology-based marketing. Most home buyers are doing the bulk of their research online, and the social media and web-based presence your agent has will make a difference. Your agent should understand how best to reach your target market and how to use technology to their advantage.

When you find the right match, you’ll know it. And if you encounter an agent that doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, you’ll know that too. Trust your gut, do some research, and talk to local agents to find the right agent to work with. We are local real estate experts with a great, personal reputation for helping homeowners buy and sell their homes quickly. Contact Amberwood Real Estate to learn more about how we can help you sell your home fast.