The real estate field was changed, as many industries were, by the pandemic. The housing market has been excellent for sellers, but challenging for buyers, and real estate agents need to balance how they market to everyone. By embracing technology and providing service to your clients, you can boost your client base and become a successful real estate agent, no matter what is happening in the world.

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Focus on Providing Service

When you are looking for how to be a successful real estate agent, you likely want to focus on sales. Closing means that you have been successful, turning a lead into a client and a client into a sale. Although yes, real estate agents are salespeople, more and more agents are finding their greatest success is coming from the services that they are able to offer. When real estate agents demonstrate themselves as experts in local market conditions, policy changes, news impacting home buyers, and tips for buying or selling a home, they become someone that potential clients trust. When these potential leads see you as the local expert, it is easy to convert them to clients when they are ready to make a move. When you show your clients that you care about their needs, and you’re a knowledgeable agent, they will trust you.

Embrace Technology

The “old school” way of selling homes, such as direct mail, billboards, and print advertising isn’t enough in today’s market. The pandemic forced many real estate agents to embrace technology and make their digital and online presence the cornerstone of their marketing efforts. Adding videos of properties to listings generates, on average, 400% more inquiries compared to text-based listings. Video tours are clearly here to stay. These videos can be taken on a smartphone, but outsourcing to a professional really does make a difference. Experts know how to capture the home best, use light properly, and edit the video so it is able to capture all the important information while still remaining at or under two minutes in length. Video walkthroughs can highlight special features of the home and give buyers a sense of the flow. Many agents will offer a live virtual tour, where they are able to chat with a client while doing a virtual walk through, and this can be a great opportunity to grow your client base.

Find the Right Hook for Your Clients

In a post-COVID world, you need to look for virtual hooks for your clients. Your website and social media pages need to be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. When clients begin to look for a home, the first place they will look is online. To make a good first impression on new clients, focus on consistently updating your online presence with new and exciting content. Share images of each home at different times of day, share positive news about the community, and find a way to offer your potential clients something that others in the area aren’t. Many agents find that starting a regular series, such as “home of the week”, “Tuesday tips”, or “weekend walk through” will get potential leads to become regular followers.

Embracing change, especially if you have had success in the past with the “old school” methods, can be a challenge. It’s easy to blame the current global climate or the market for a dip in success. But by embracing technology and shifting your focus to providing services to your clients, you can build your client base and be a successful real estate agent no matter what’s going on in the market. We are always looking for talented agents to join our team. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a real estate agent with us, contact Amberwood Real Estate today.