Real estate agents need to find clients who are selling their homes to be successful. Yet with many real estate agents competing to become the listing agent for the pool of sellers in any given area, it can be competitive to say the least. Listing agents need to be willing to get creative and find sellers by thinking outside the typical methods.

Real Estate agent shows home to young couple.

Reconnect with Your Past Clients

Look for some news that you can share with your past clients. Share trends in the housing market and reach out with good news for sellers. You can let your clients know that home values are rising and ask if they want to know how much their house is worth in today’s market. If you sold a home at a higher value than Zillow, ask your past clients if they’re interested in seeing how their home value compares to what they might find online. If one of your past clients was considering putting their home on the market, this may be the angle they need to engage with you as their listing agent.

Utilize Your Listing Agent Social Media Accounts

Your professional social media accounts can be a great way to help you find more sellers.

  • Post an Instagram poll on your story. Start simple by asking, “Are you planning to sell your home in the next year?”, with a simple yes and no option. You’ll probably get plenty of “no” responses, but if you get even one “yes” response, you can follow up in a DM.
  • Go live on Facebook in a neighborhood in your area. Give some details about properties that recently sold in the neighborhood, and let viewers know they can call or message you for more information. If anyone comments during the live video, follow up with them.
  • Start a series on social media. Problem Solving Friday, where you discuss a potential pitfall of selling and how you address it. Seller Success Sunday, where you share your recent sales. As you build your social media engagement, you can increase your reach.

Look for FSBO Listings

Zillow can be a great way to find sellers who need you as their listing agent. Search for homes in your area, and search for homes that are For Sale by Owner (FSBO). See how long those homes have been listed on Zillow. You know that these sellers are ready to sell their homes, and the longer their home has sat unsold, the more worried they may be. Reach out to those sellers to offer your services as a listing agent. Often, those sellers are trying to avoid paying a commission, but if you can sell your success stories, and share some of the value you can bring, you may get a new client who is ready to let someone else take over.

Share Your Secrets

This seems counterintuitive. If you share your tips, others will steal them, or sellers will start to think they don’t need a listing agent. But in fact, consumers are more likely to use a professional that they consider an expert. Sellers who follow your tips on how to sell a home fast, how to stage a home, how to price your home right will consider themselves lucky to be one of your clients. They will be impressed by your knowledge and willing to pay for you to provide your top notch services. They may figure if you’re sharing so much valuable information for free, you probably have some really great strategies to share on a client-only basis.

Finding sellers who are ready to sign a contract with you as their listing agent takes creative thinking and plenty of hard work, but once you’ve developed a network of homeowners ready to sell their homes, you will be a successful agent in your area. Want to work with us? We’re always looking for talented agents. Contact Amberwood Real Estate today for more information on joining our team.