When it comes to marketing, real estate agents need to focus on marketing themselves in two ways. First, they need to attract clients who are ready to list their homes. While there is a measure of success just from getting multiple listings, a listing agent isn’t really successful until those listings are actually sold. So for the second aspect of marketing yourself as a real estate agent, you need to market the property and find the right buyer. Sellers like to use an agent that understands how to sell a home fast, since that is what will get them to their next step and will make them eager to recommend you to others.

Successful real estate agents looking at a digital tablet.

Create Quality Content

Anyone can post online on social media, but creative content is what gets clients to you and eyes on your listings. Every photo you use in any aspect of your marketing should be high-quality. Most agents know that high-quality photography is necessary in their listings, but even your social media posts should be well curated with excellent photography. In the past few years, there has been a distinct move to video content. Agents who want to stay ahead of the game need to develop a video marketing strategy as well. Listing videos that include virtual tours receive many more inquiries than those only focusing on photos and written content. When you are creating your video content, make sure that it is done professionally. High quality video will help you connect with your prospective clients and build your brand as a successful, professional real estate agent.

Build Your Online Presence

Gone are the days when real estate agents could have a page on the broker’s website and focus solely on building relationships in person. As a real estate agent in 2022, you need to be an active and engaging online presence on a variety of social media sites. Simply having the accounts and posting occasionally will not get you noticed. You need to build a strategy for engaging followers on each social channel. Post stories, humanize your brand, engage in all comments, and use relevant hashtags to bring more visitors to your pages. You can use your social media content to then direct potential clients to your blog or website for further information about specific properties or to schedule a meeting with you.

Stay Mobile Friendly

Most clients and buyers are looking for a quality experience no matter what device they are using, and over 75% of buyers find their home or agent on a mobile device these days. While this can make using your social channels even more important, you need to back it up with mobile friendly websites and listing pages. There are many ready-made templates that can help you build the right pages that will look great on any device.

How to Sell a Home Fast by Networking

Networking is one of the best ways to sell a home fast. When you know more people, you have more people to reach out to when you have a new listing. Join forums, maintain connections with title companies, closing attorneys, and mortgage brokers, and form bonds with other agents. When you are connected with a mortgage broker, they can recommend you to those who come in looking for pre-qualification who may not have started their search yet. Most agents know plenty of obvious connections with which to network, but think beyond the traditional meet ups to up your game.

A successful listing agent is one who understands how to mix these methods in a creative way for each specific property. Moving properties quickly will mean more success for you and a greater roster of clients and potential clients who will trust you to list their homes because they know you can get the job done! We are always looking for talented agents to join our team. If you’d like more information about working with us, contact Amberwood Real Estate today!