Before buying a new home, you need to know what you’re looking for. Before you start your search, you should know what you want so you can effectively communicate that to your agent. Without a wishlist, your agent may struggle to pinpoint which homes to suggest to you, and buying your new home can become overwhelming. Creating a wishlist will help to focus your search for a new home on what matters most to you.

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What Your Wishlist Should Include

There are so many things to consider when creating your wishlist. You’ll want to include:

  • Number of rooms
  • Specialized rooms
  • Architectural style
  • Number of levels
  • Layout
  • Windows (number and placement)
  • Fixtures and finishes
  • Outdoor space
  • Garage and outbuildings
  • Outdoor upkeep
  • Neighborhood

It’s a good idea to list your wishlist based on priority. If you absolutely have to have a single level house, for example, that will be at the top of your list and isn’t negotiable. You will have a little give and take, and not everything is a deal breaker, but it’s important to know which of these things will be a deal breaker so your agent can focus their search for you.

Thinking of Your Current Home – What’s Working and What’s Not?

Before you start to create a wishlist, imagine you are looking at your current home. What is the best quality? What is the worst quality? Rather than just thinking of all the things you don’t like about your current home, think about what you do like. Some other questions to ask are:

  • What is your ideal number of bedrooms? Bathrooms? Do you need more space in your new home, or are you hoping to downsize?
  • Is there a specialized room you don’t have but want? Some buyers realize that they need a home office, mudroom, pantry, craft room, playroom, laundry room, or workout space and will make that a priority when buying a new home.
  • What are your needs for storage space?
  • Are you happy with the current style of your home or are you hoping to make a change? Is the number of stories important to you? Would you like an open floor plan or a home that is more compartmentalized?
  • Are you happy with your current neighborhood? What do you like about it? What don’t you like? Are you hoping to have close neighbors or are you hoping for a neighborhood with the homes spaced out?
  • What kind of yard are you looking for? Do you enjoy the upkeep that comes with a large yard?

When you are buying your first home, you may not know what you like. But when you are buying a new home, you have experience to know what worked for you and what didn’t, and thinking honestly about how you live in your home. How much upkeep you’re capable of, and what you did and didn’t like overall can help you develop your wishlist.

Why Should You Create a Wishlist Before Buying a New Home?

Most sellers have staged their homes to make them as enticing as possible. The goal of the seller is to convince you that their home is perfect for you. Without a wish list, it can be easy to be swayed by staging. You may be completely taken in by the open concept living area and forget that you were hoping for additional closet space. You may love the curb appeal so much that you don’t realize you’ll be adding a significant commute to your day. With a wish list, you can stay focused. The home may be beautiful, but if it doesn’t have the space for a home office, isn’t in a neighborhood you want, or mimics the problems of your own home, it isn’t right for you and you can objectively move on.

Many homebuyers like to prioritize their wish list before buying a new home. Consider dividing your list into categories like:

  • Must Have
  • Hope to Have
  • Deal Breakers

If your new home must have three bedrooms, you won’t be seduced by a home with two. On the other hand, if an office would be nice, but isn’t necessary, you can take that into consideration without necessarily ruling the home out entirely. Obviously your budget, location requirements, and the market will impact what homes you can consider, but a wishlist gives your agent a great place to start in helping you find your next home. With years of local experience and an impressive network in this community, Amberwood Real Estate is your trusted source for everything real estate in this area. Contact us for more information on how we can help you find your dream home.