How to sell a home fast is all about how effective your marketing strategy is. Open houses have been up for debate in recent years, but in the current market, you can close a deal quickly by hosting an open house.

Two real estate agents standing in an empty house after an open house.

How to Sell a Home Fast with an Open House

In a seller’s market, many wonder if holding an open house is still worth the effort. If the competition is fierce, why not just wait for the right buyer to find you? However, when the competition is fierce it can be one of the best times to hold an open house. If you are in a busy, populated, high-demand area or have a home with unique elements, an open house can not only sell a home fast, but can get you the best possible price. The more in-demand a house is, the more people that will attend, and the more competition you will get. Rather than jumping on the first offer, a hot house that holds an open house may get an excellent offer very quickly after the open house.

When Should You Hold an Open House?

Weekends are the ideal time for an open house. Sunday is generally considered to be a better day than Saturday, especially if a home will be best marketed toward families. You don’t want to hold an open house too early or too late in the day. Many experts say that beginning between 11:00 and 1:00 is ideal, with 12:00 being the best time to bring in traffic.

Market the Open House

Marketing is the most important part of a successful open house. If you miss the mark here, you won’t get the traffic you need to make the open house successful. Post the details of the open house on your website, the MLS platform, Nextdoor, all your social media channels, Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor. Most potential buyers will have already done the research on available homes, so the way you market and list an open house is what will inspire them to attend. Some agents suggest creating a Facebook event that guests can RSVP to, which will get the event in front of more potential buyers. Make sure that all your online marketing uses high quality photographs and the most attractive and important features of the home.

Preparing the Home for the Open House

When you list a house, you know that keeping the house “viewing ready” is how to sell a home fast. When it comes to the open house, you need to take the cleaning, staging, and decluttering to the next level. While individual buyers scheduling showings may understand that someone is still living there, an open-house should give the impression that any one of the attendees can see themselves living there. Before hosting an open house, make sure the homeowners have done a thorough deep clean, an additional decluttering, spruce up the exterior by cutting the lawn, trimming the landscaping, and pressure washing, and make sure you pull back the window treatments to allow maximum natural light before anyone arrives to see the house. After this, step up the staging with some seasonal touches. Seasonal flowers, scented candles, and a fire in the fireplace can add that final layer to make the house feel like a home to at least one of your guests.

After a successful open house, follow up with the guests. In the best case, you will have the perfect buyer or can even begin to spark a bidding war. When you have the right open house – from the scheduling to the marketing to the showing – you can sell a home fast. For more tips on becoming a successful real estate agent, consider joining our team. We are always looking for talented agents to work with. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Amberwood Real Estate today!