When trying to figure out how to sell a home fast, accurate pricing is a key factor. Many homeowners want to “test” the market by listing their home at the high end of the price range.

Modern home staged to sell fast.

The reasoning behind this seems to make sense, however, the benefits are much greater when you price your home accurately from the start.

You Will Get the Respect of Buyers

Now that buyers start with the internet, they know what your home should be priced at. Anyone can go online, look at the estimated home price for your property in your neighborhood, see the sale history, and use online tools to know how much a home should be priced at with excellent accuracy. If a buyer can figure that out, their agent definitely can see it too and will also let them know. If you price your home at the high end, buyers may assume that you aren’t motivated to sell your home, you have an unrealistic view of the value, or that you will be unreasonable when it comes to negotiations, and they may move on to another property.

Listing Your Home Accurately is How to Sell a Home Fast

Simply stated: listing your home accurately is how to sell a home fast. When your home is priced right, it will get attention. You don’t want your home to sit on the market for long. If you list your home high, most agents and buyers will notice that your home is overpriced and not bother looking at it, knowing you will be dropping the price soon. Your house will sit for a week or two with no action, and that doesn’t bode well, even if you end up dropping the price. Many buyers pay attention to how many days a home has been on the market. As your house sits for longer, buyers may assume there is something wrong with it. If you get an offer, it’s likely to be lower than you’re expecting.

Pricing Your Home Accurately Assures a Smooth Escrow Process

If you list your home high and a buyer bites, you may think that your gamble paid off. However, unless your buyer is paying cash, you may run into a roadblock during the escrow process. If your buyer is taking out a mortgage to buy your home, they will need to have the home appraised. If the appraisal comes back lower than the sale price, they will likely not be approved for the mortgage in the amount that they need to purchase your home. Either the sale will fall through entirely or they’ll bring you back to renegotiate the price, and neither of these options is good when you want to sell your home.

Now is a good time to sell your home. There is a big demand for housing, and sellers are repeating the benefits. If you price your home accurately, there is an excellent chance that you will get what your house is worth. Contact Amberwood Real Estate to talk about how to price your home accurately. We can help guide you and advise you on how to sell your home fast.